Bear Much Fruit

In John 15:2 it is written, “Every Branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” So if you love Him, I believe the promise of God for you this year and in the years to come is to bear more fruit. When we speak about fruit it covers two areas of your life, your character and your success in life. In Galatians 5 we read of the fruit of the Spirit and in John 10:10 we read of an abundant life -a life you enjoy to the fullest. In this year and in the years to come God will add and multiply both these aspects to your life. One thing we need to remember and constantly remind ourselves is that in God’s kingdom, for those of us who love Him, there is no subtraction or division; there is always addition and multiplication.

In John 15:2, before it mentions bearing more fruit, we read that “He prunes those who are bearing fruit”. Pruning is the work of God in our lives where He takes away all that is not good or harmful for your growth, or prevents you from bearing much fruit. When we talk about pruning, it is not a very pleasant experience. It’s hard to understand, difficult to bear for the moment and it seems unending. But the end result is marvelous which some of you may have seen in your lives. You may have been pruned by God through different circumstances that seemed to be tearing your life apart. But remember just as a mango tree is pruned off parasite bearing branches, the end result is more fruit.

When we look at the life of Joseph in the Old Testament, in the beginning he is described as a pampered child who then becomes proud and may be, even arrogant. Yet God had a higher purpose for him and so consequently we read about how he was pruned and disciplined in order to achieve a better character and live a life of abundance. Before the success there was the pruning, and for you who love God and if the past years were hard and painful, I believe your moment to bear much fruit has come.

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